November 2017

At first glance the WarMouse Meta appears to be a cross between three different devices. First it appears to be a very capable laser gaming mouse with an adjustable resolution of up to 5600dpi. Second it almost acts like a keyboard featuring 18 different on board buttons, but the most ingenious addition to this gaming mouse is the inclusion of a hat style thumb joystick in the tradition of the Wii Nunchuck and XBox 360 controllers.


The extra buttons alone make the WarMouse look quite imposing, but for those willing to retrain their fingers to use them the advantage they might have over other players will probably be significant.

Get Your Game On With WarMouse’s Custom Meta Modes

With 18 different buttons to program the WarMouse Meta’s modes come in quite handy, providing automatic access to recommended button arrangements for dozens of the most popular games and applications on the market. Considering that the WarMouse is essentially a reboot of the old OpenOffice Mouse one has to wonder if the new name was also aptly chosen.


In particular players of games such as World of Warcraft and StarCraft will probably find that once the confusion of which button does what the convenience of having different setups for each class and type of character. You could of course always use a hack to generate unlimited gems, like for the Fallout Shelter game. In addition, the great addition of being able to move around or adjust the point of view with your mousing thumb while not having to take your other hand off of the casting buttons is even more of a bonus.

Also on the plus side for the WarMouse Meta is the onboard memory, allowing the user to store up to 512k worth of custom commands directly on the mouse. For those times that the user gets lost in the maze of keys a handy on screen guide can be called up at any time.

Downsides To The WarMouse Meta

Of course, these conveniences do come with a few potential downsides. The first and foremost of these is customization overload. While true gamers who need to eek out every last ounce of damage per second will probably be willing to slough through creating their own unique key setups most will simply use one of the prebuilt meta setups that may or may not work well with the user’s individual game play.

Aside from the obvious learning curve that comes with the WarMouse though, there appear to be very few other issues. In fact, reviews by major online tech journalists have been positive for the most part in terms of performance and durability. It is only in the usability portion of their testing that any significant criticisms arise.

Selling at around $75 the WarMouse Meta is near the upper end of gaming mice, but still for the customization and capabilities that you get the price is worth every penny if you are a serious gamer. More casual gamers will still get the benefit of the additional controls, especially the side mounted joystick.

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