EQ Necromancer Solo Guide: A Basic Primer on How to Level this Class in Everquest

Nercromancers can be a powerful class for soloing in Everquest, although necromancers may not be the first class picked for raids or groups, although this has changed since the games release in the late 1990s.

Although the Everquest video game designers have done a good job of making the class more group and raid friendly, necromancers are still largely a solo class that rely on their powerful dots, their pet, and most importantly their brains to reach the highest levels of the game. Their powerful solo abilities lend themselves well to two techniques, fear and agro kiting.

First Necromancer Solo Tactic — Fear Kiting

Fear kiting for necromancers works roughly the same way it does for the bard, although the tactic is far more effective for this class than it is for the minstrel. There is one key difference though, because necromancers, like all classes except the bard cannot move and cast in Everquest, a character must snare a creature before casting the fear spell. The trick to using fear kiting is timing the spell correctly, then casting fear, sending in a skeleton and using the dots to kill the monster that he is fighting

Fear kiting works well for necromancers throughout most the levels, but it does not work for all mobs. Sony’s video game designers made some Everquest creatures immune to fear so another tactic must be used instead. The next solo tactic, agro kiting is even simpler than fear kiting.

Second Necromancer Solo Tactic – Agro Kiting

Agro kiting requires a little more preparation, although the snare spell can be discarded. The important thing to remember when agro kiting for any class that can do it, including necromancers is not to use this tactic on a creature that summons. Before the spell starts, the necromancer should have a spell item or alternate advancement ability, such as run 3, that boosts a character’s speed

This necromancer solo tactic requires the necromancer to keep the mob more angry at him than his pet. The taunt ability for the skeleton, specter, or other suitable necromancer pet should be turned off and when the necromancer has found a safe distance, he can cast a snare and a dot if he has time. The necromancer than runs a safe distance and then casts a new spell. Soloing in any Everquest environment often involves running the monster the player is attacking around in circles.

Third Necromancer Solo Tactic – Root Dot

This tactic is simple, although risky because many necromancer spells do a small amount of initial damager. The idea is to prevent the mob that the necromancer is trying to kill from moving. The tactic starts with using root spells, which appropriately enough, keep a mob from moving. A character using this method than applies dots, possibly sends his pet in, and hopes that the root does not break. When it does break, the root should be recast. Dot spells should have low or preferably no large initial damage amount to use the root dot solo tactic effectively.

Courtesy for Others when Soloing

When the solo tactics fail or are improperly applied, a necromancer can feign death if there are no damaging spells on the mob, but the best thing to do is to run away. Trains can be hazardous to the health of other players so it is best not to train mobs that are chasing a character to other Everquest programmers. Sony’s video game designers have decided that mobs will attack the nearest character that is unfriendly to it.

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