Beginner’s SWG Jedi Leveling Guide: Learn How To Get to CL 80 in the Star Wars Galaxies Game

When Star Wars Galaxies came out, the game designers intended the Jedi to be a class obtained through a series of long qauests. Unfortunately, the designers did not understand the appeal of the Star Wars universe, nor did they understand the spiritual concepts behind the Jedi, as both good and bad Jedi characters were forced into PvP with other players with their character.

The forced pvp option for Jedi has been removed from Star Wars Galaxies, but the Jedi continue to be a good combat class. The spiritual concepts are still missing from the class, but this is the fault of poor roleplaying rather than game deisgn. Getting to combat level 80 as a Jedi in Star Wars Galaxies is not difficult if a player is prepared to invest the time and effort into his character.

Starting Out as a Star Wars Galaxies Jedi

To get to combat level 35, a Jedi character should complete a number of quests and not worry about raising his Jedi skills yet. Young padawans should complete their light saber training after finishing their beginning quests, the legacy quests, and the Acklay quests. After they complete these trials, they can decide whether to use the civilized weapon of the Jedi or the more common blasters and rifles that pervade the Star Wars Galaxies universe.

What to Hunt Past Level 35

Getting from Level 35 to 80 is simply a matter of gaining enough experience. If a characters wishes to raise his light saber combat skills after, he can hunt grauls or similar creature for maximum level. If a Star Wars Galaxy Jedi character has no problem with using a rifle, the safest way to hunt the characters at lower levels is to shoot them at maximum range. This can easily take a character to combat level 75 and allow him to get materials for craft skills which can either be sold through the games shops and markets to other players.

Getting a Star Wars Galaxies Jedi to CL 80

The process is roughly the same, as it was in the previous levels, but by this time the lighsaber skills of a Jedi in Star Wars Galaxies should be high enough that it becomes easier to hunt the selected monsters in the game with a lightsaber rather than continue with ranged combat. The key to successful Jedi grinding in Star Wars Galaxies is making sure the levels of the monsters hunted are as close as possible and completing quests can speed the process up a little, but the game is set up so that leveling is much slower at these levels.

Sticking With It

The grinding process for the Jedi in Star Wars Galaxies is repetitive and dull. This is not different from leveling any other class or in many ohter level based mmorpgs. A player may go off and do crafting with his Jedi character or level up a different alt to relieve the tedium associated with the grinding experience that has become so much a part of many mmorpgs. A player who sticks with a Jedi character long enough will earn the rewards of a high level Jedi character. It is best if the player remembers that the Jedi were also a religious and spiritual order and not just really cool combat fiends. (It might be acceptable for Sith characters, but light side Jedi should not go out of their way to be jerks just because they can.)

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